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Default Re: Premiere League 2012-2013 season application thread

Anyways, like I said any of the above can be proven. But all of it is accessible by any of you if you take the time and look through the history of ISH posts. I am not going to go through and prove everything for you, but if there is 1 thing you want proven I am willing to do that for you. Just send me a PM and I'll respond with the proof.

Oh wait the Post-ISH I can't give proof, with the $$$ involved a lot of it is considered illegal, so I don't really want to prove I was involved there.

But anyways, you all are being sparred that I am not joining this league. My work before ISH, inside ISH, and after ISH is unparallelled. That is why they call me the Fantasy Basketball GOAT. I would literally crush my competition in this league just like I did in the last ISH league I played. Not even the fiercest fires can stop me.

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