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Default Re: Chris Douglas Roberts

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
He's a 3rd year player....

naaaw... you dont get it.

people had This dude going places,he (I was one of them) was supposed to blow.

And, on top of that, I was DYING for the lakers to pick him up. I honesty, thought he was going to be a true diamond in the rough. I thought he was going to blow and be a legit superstar ala dwade. His game is smooth, and he has a nice shooting touch. I actually think his game is aesthetically pleasing.

damn. I really hope he can pull it together and turn his career around.

After, kobe is gone(VERY SAD DAY FOR ME)

I'm hoping that the second coming of jesus (I'm kidding) Kyrie Irving comes to LA for a reasonable contract and CDR blows up, we keep Dwight and Ebanks become a legit lock down defender who can knock down an open jumper and slash and finish.

We would be a nice young team that is VERY good with 2 legit superstars and hopefully CDR turns into a star.

I really don't understand wat went wrong with CDR

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