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Default Re: Predict our record

Originally Posted by Rameek
45 wins isnt terrible but honestly that means the Knicks wont miss Brewer and Shump.... That means the low post players are extremely cohesive and JR doesnt 20% shoot the team out of games. JKidd finds an offensive game especially from the perimeter. I mean this team still doesnt have shooters or anyone that can penetrate and create..

Brewer's injury isn't that serious. We should have him back around the start of the season.

Say what you want about Kidd, but he can initiate the offense without turning the ball over frequently and get the ball to our go-to guys where they are most comfortable scoring.

We do have shooters... Melo, JR, Kidd, Novak
Guys that can penetrate... Melo, Felton and to some extent JR

I'm not saying that our offense will be beautiful. We won't have the best spacing in the league. But we will win most games solely based on defense. Again, under Woodson we had the highest defensive rating in the league. That's with Jeffries missing every other game and Harrelson getting major burn. Add Camby to that equation and the Knicks should definitely be in the running for the best defense in the league.

The injuries won't be as devastating now that they're running a normal schedule. Melo is in MVP form.

So basically.. elite defense with two shotblocking anchors + top 3 scorer in the league in MVP form + competent point guards = at least 50 wins

Last season was the most tumultuous, unlucky series of events for us and we still projected for 45 wins in a normal season, and now you guys don't even expect us to get to 50 wins? That's laughable.
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