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Default Re: Lebron "Clutchness": Let's take a walk down the memory lane

Originally Posted by ripthekik
So it appears that Lebron fans are now calling him Clutch. Is it true? It seems people are quite forgetful sometimes.. let's take a look back in history:

Part 1: Passing up last shots. He has been doing this throughout his Cleveland days. I'm sure everyone remembers the news.. every time Lebron would pass up the final shot.. allowing his teammate to force up a bad shot.

I've watched/been to more Cavs games for the 7 years Bron was on that team than almost anyone on this site. Suffice to say, when the entire defense knows your taking the last shot, a kick out to Marshall, Gibson, Damon Jones was not uncommon.

He lacks the mental toughness of Jordan and he needs to quit being compared to such perfection. His legacy will always be tarnished due to: teaming up with the 2nd best player at the time, making a spectacle of himself during "the decision", and quitting in the playoffs against the Celtics looking very disinterested the entire game. Other than further removing himself from finals perfection by failing against the Mavs, the 2011 finals loss was not a big deal due to lack of team chemistry. Wade isn't the player he once was, and Kobe is on the decline, so LBJ may be able to prove that he's a top 10 player by winning multiple finals MVPS and taking championships away from the Lakers and Thunder. Until he does, the continual "what if's" is all his fans have to hang onto regardless of their feelings toward his level of "Clutchness". I hope we see an increase in mental toughness otherwise all we'll have is a another "what could have been" story.
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