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Default Re: Anxiety/Depression

Originally Posted by FatComputerNerd
Have you considered taking up something like Yoga or Tao-Chi?

I've thought about yoga. What's Tao-chi?

The thing about me, is I try to downplay everything. I don't like dealing with problems, I want them to just go away. I procastonate. I'm sick of it.

It's like, I understand that I'm going through shit but THE IDEA OF talking to a doctor about it, gives me anxiety. It really does. I don't know why. Talking about it makes me uneasy and just feel like saying

"**** it. Take some pain killers and go on ISH and play 2k13."

And it's like, I don't have time to be doing that. My time is prescious and I tend to pop pills and drink alcohol to "get away"

Idk. It's been this way my whole life..
Now that I'm working and shit.. It's just almost feeling like it'll be Thai way forever
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