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Default Re: Lebron has never lost in the First Round of the playoffs

Originally Posted by ripthekik
Not really.
If you're good enough that you can get to the finals.. but you lose at the finals at a far higher rate than winning.. say 1/5. Doesn't that tell you something about their character?

I mean getting to the finals and winning say 2 out of 4. That's alright. But getting to the finals and losing most of the times? That just tells us that you are weak and can't handle pressure when it matters the most.

Lebron will soon be 1/4 in the finals.

Well you'd have to use context, which is another thing this thread exposed...

...the same people trying to insert "Yeah, but the 7-0 is meaningless because the East sucked" don't use any context when trying to berate Lebron for having a 1-3 Finals record.

I love this thread. I threw a little stat out there (and even said it doesn't mean so much), and within a few days so many Lebron haters got butthurt and ended up contradicting themselves.
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