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Default Re: Predict our record

Originally Posted by Jasi
You bet I love them, man.
Thanks for the list. Repped!

My prediction is 47 or 48 Wins.
I know Shump and Brewer are injured but this is why we won't get to 50+.
We were above .500 with Dumbtoni and .545 with half a season of Dumbtoni and freaking Toney Douglas at 18 MPG. Whatthef¨ck.
People may say we lack this and we lack that but the thing is we had a 42-40 record and a 36-30 record (45-37 when you translate it into normal length season) with clearly inferior teams.
Just tell me this team (even with Shumpert down Brewer will be back very soon) isn't better than teams we had in the past 2 seasons. Last year we dealt with a lot if injuries,we had no bench at the beginning of the season,Dumbtoni was the "coach" for most of the season...we still managed to pull of a 36-30 season which is equal to 45 wins in the normal season.
Now we have a deeper team,a better coach and one more year together and you're telling me that we shouldn't expect more than 42-40 or something like that ?
Anything less than 47-48 wins is a failure in my book.
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