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Default Re: Kobe's impending retirement

Originally Posted by kkinchen
with the underlying feeling being that many people in the world of professional basketball essentially want to push Kobe Bryant out of the sport.

DUDE!!! No one is pushing him out... He has said he might retire at
the end of this contract for years now. Kobe will decide this, not the
freakin' media!!

And Kobe is being promoted these days like before the pre Denver
fiasco... He's back on top.... He's the new NBA Godfather (screw Shaq!!
he's been a big tool ever since his time in BOS!!)

I do agree that Jordan > LBJ but LB's career is not done.. we will have
to wait to see.... (and I still think his "decision" was idiotic x 1,000,000,
I will never like him ever again no matter what he does)
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