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Default Re: Kobe's impending retirement

Originally Posted by Da Kobester
Kobe's a (H.O.F) and a gym rat at 34 years of age with half of dem years (17) under his god given belt and if he wanted to he could play til he brakes K.A.J's crown scoring record! Furthermore with Kobe currently 5th on the list and assuming he's true to his word retiring after the 2013-14 season will get him to 3rd on the all-time scoring list surpassing 2 more legendary greats (Wilt & MJ) I'm guessing he's aight wit dat? Note: Kobe not only tangled with america's favorite alien (Reggie) but he had other fisticuffs aswell with Chris "the sucker punch" Childs , Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Matt Barnes but didn't want no part of MWP "The Artest formerly known as "Ron Ron" !

Good points. Who have we ever seen Lebron scrap with? Nobody. Because he is a big puussy. That is why I am thoroughly offended at the Jordan comparisons. Plus his overall game is really quite unsophisticated. He is a great passer to his credit, and finishes incredibly well around the rim. But for the most part his game is built on athetliticism with very average skills when it comes to spot up shooting, three point shooting, free throw shooting, low post moves and overall footwork. There are quite a few players in the league that overall more skilled players than Lebron. But he is so superior to everyone else athletically and a very willing passer that he is very effective on the court despite his average basketball skills.
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