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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY CAREER MODE' Discussion

Originally Posted by Dukem
After scoring 22 points, 5 rebounds and 10 assists on 50% shooting for the 76ers with my athletic point-guard (best game thus far into an early season one), I get dropped from starter to sixth man. So the next game against the Bobcats, I drop 35 points, 2 rebounds and 9 assists on 60% shooting (there abouts) as a way of saying 'f*** you, I should still be starting'. Not only am I still the sixth man still, my fans started hating on me for only grabbing 2 rebounds and not praising me for scoring 35 points with 20 coming from the 4th quarter alone.

I swear overalls are glitched in my game. I did what Chris Smoove did and raised my offensive and defensive awareness but to 91 and 90 respectively and my overall is only 71. Please tell me that i'll still get a star by my name eventually.

This is pissing me off too, on my centre I dropped 30pts, 16 rebounds, 3 blocks and 1 steal. Yet my social media has 2 guys ripping on me for only getting 2 assists?
Playing time is also odd, I made a new shooting guard and got 19pts, 4rebounds, 8assists in his first game for the rockets and got some pretty decent minutes, next 3 games I've rode the bench and keep getting subbed in for one play then taken off again even if I score/assist. I get you have to earn minutes more but after my first game you'd think they'd wait until i mess up to bench me
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