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Default Re: Is this a crazy perspective?

Originally Posted by ZeN
OP is self absorbed and egotistical to believe that he has the right to dictate who can and cannot reproduce to the point of altering human beings genetics. We talking Nazi stuff here.. not that American and the world isnt capability of that sort of 1984 tribulations.

I don't think i alone have the right to dictate this, but a community, a country, or society should have this right. When two people decide to create another human being, they don't do so on their own little space of the earth, they do so within the space that we all share. And the fact that we all have to share and care for this earth AND one another should play a big part in who procreates.

In order to accomplish what you seek. You will have to completely get rid of religion and any sort of spiritual beliefs in the world. If not, your main negative will be one of the biggest driving forces in our society.. Religion and the belief in God.

If your religion or spiritual belief leads you to believe that you have the right to do something that can negatively impact everyone else, then that is a belief that the world need not have the masses buying into.

I'm not anti religion, just anti illogical.
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