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Default Re: Kobe's impending retirement

Originally Posted by magicmanfan
On that topic....

Do you remember when Bird was harping on Dr. J when Bird had 30+
and Dr. J had 6, then Moses and Charles grabbed Bird and held him while
the Dr. landed three hail marys in Bird's face? I've never seen Kobe
harp like that to any other player.... sure he talks trash, but I could name
a lot of players more vocal than Kobe..... (Reggie Miller for one!!)

The difference is Kobe keeps it to basketball. He's a competitor. He's there so he can beat you in basketball....not so he can steal your wife or your pension. To him, he loves the game so much and he wants to be the best at it.

There had been an altercation between charlie V and KG one time where KG called him a "Cancer Patient". That right there is obviously personal, insensitive, has nothing to do with the actual game of basketball, and is not something I'd heard of Kobe doing.

And honestly, these guys you mention like Reggie Miller are the guys who made Kobe who he was. Reggie wasn't too well liked either. Neither was MJ. All these guys crushed many teams. They competed so hard and rose above themselves. Thats what Kobe has that most players today don't have. That competitive fire where they just keep going.

You think MJ had only one buzzer beater on the cavs that they continually show? No. He's done it over, and over, and over. He's burnt them that way several times. It made cavs fans hate jordan. Many fans disliked Jordan completely.

In the end, once Kobe retires, he will not necessarily be disliked as much. This is all just part of the game.
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