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Default Re: Raptors first preseason game in 10 minutes!!!

Originally Posted by avonbarksdale
derozan looks great, jose looked good, val looked good for his first ever nba appearence, lucas was shooting nicely. good game
Agree. Well, Val was alright in the limited time he played. Lucas is really surprising me. Calderon was solid, too bad about that missed final shot. Derozan is looking pretty solid, but again with him he's always stellar in the preseason so I didn't expect otherwise.

One surprise for me was Aaron Gray. Not that he looked spectacular or anything but he looked very solid. To me he's kind of like a taller Kendrick Perkins. A big bruising body who hurts people in the paint, is a solid rebounder when he's out there and a workhorse. I actually don't mind the fact that we're retaining him.
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