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Default Re: Lebron "Clutchness": Let's take a walk down the memory lane

Originally Posted by ripthekik
Say what you want, but can you deny the facts I put forward? I don't argue based on my presumptions, or what I feel. I put forward my case with videos, real NBA footage, interview from other NBA players, and tons of articles written by sports editors. They wouldn't exist for no reason would they?

That's probably why you are attacking me instead of facing what I put forward. It's the unbearable truth. I'm a honest man, I speak the truth.

People attack you because you're a god damned moron. What is the purpose of reminding posters shit that is basic trivia? We all know Lebron has had his shortcommings. You do realize, though, he just came off a championship playing at an all-time level right? Or were you in a Kobetard induced coma?
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