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Default Re: Anxiety/Depression

i think a lot of people who *think* they have depression don't really have any clinical problem at all. they just have circumstances in life that probably suck at the moment.

i think part of the danger of accepting that you just have mental depression is that you might give up and stop doing what's necessary to get rid of those discomforting circumstances.

maybe it's a weight issue, school work, money problem, addiction problem, employment issue, relationship problem, whatever, everyone's got their own sh!t of sh!t... well, most of the time, those areas can be changed and fixed by the person. some people are too lazy to go for a run to lose weight, too lazy to study more for school to get better grades, too selfish to give up on an addiction that they know isn't good but unwilling to give up, too careless with money to stay away from financial problems, too unmotivated at work to improve environment, too confused to either work on a relationship or move on,... anything, whatever, so they become depressed, and then they blame depression for not having the energy to work on those things. i think if some people tried to take an extra step to improve on their life in general, they should focus on sucking it up and doing all those things instead of just bagging it in and claiming the depressed mood excuse. because when you got a problem and you go fix it, that feels good. but problems don't go away by themselves. you gotta kick them out if you can. and until you kick them out, you're probably going to continue to feel how you're feeling.

but for those who have a "perfect" life and still feel sh!t, okay, that probably sucks a d!ck.

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