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Default Re: Predict our record

Originally Posted by franchize
Maybe we all have a different respect for 45 wins. I can't speak on behalf of anybody else, but 45 wins isn't anything to write home about. It's just above mediocre, hovering around decent heading into the playoffs. Not bad, but not a total fulfillment of talent given the talent in our starting lineup.
I agree with this. But I deal with reality and less feeling.

As much as it is assumed that Woodson is a better coach than MDA but in reality he isnt that much better. The difference between them is one is focused on defense the other is focused on offense. Neither are good game plan or in game adjustment coaches.

Had the Knicks ended the season with Melo, Chandler, Stat showing some signs of cohesiveness and potential for this season I would be on board with 45 wins or more. These players havent been cohesive by accident for any stretch.

What failed this team last year towards the end? The inability to have someone hit open shots, 3 pointers, penetrate for layups, penetrate for easy looks for the bigs. This team hasnt addressed these issues. So does this team have true depth that addressed these issues? Not IMHO.

airchibundo507:We do have shooters... Melo, JR, Kidd, Novak
Guys that can penetrate... Melo, Felton and to some extent JR

Kidd cant shoot, Novak can shoot if open you run at him he cant adjust teams will do what miami did against him if they're smart. Jr isnt a good shooter but a volume shooter. I wont say about Felton because I dont know what he will be this year but I hope for the best.
Melo and Jr can penetrate but its more score at the basket.

The good thing is with Felton and Jkidd they can get into an offensive set. The team has plenty of height. Jkidd fell off tremendously last year. Felton who knows what he will look like for this team without MDA. I mean he did look elite when he was here before but thats a different regime.

I dont see this overwhelming talent that others see where 4 players on the roster could legitimately start for EVERY other team under any circumstance. Is this team better than last year of course by a little or by a lot (its up to your discretion).

I dont care about the numbers under MDA and Woodson projected victories due to the change blah blah blah..... Neither coach is that good where they will secure the team victories by what they plan before or during the game.

Nothing this team has done besides getting older/taller addressed all my concerns. So if Melo, Chandler, Stat, Shump can get right on both ends of the floor hell ya they can be a 45 win plus team. If they dont it can be easily another 42 win or mid to high 30's win team. The team doesnt have a guy that can carry this team that can carry them alone or with a duo to guarantee this team wont fail.

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