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Default Re: Preseason game 1 thoughts

I think we're all very happy about what Drummond did yesterday. Solid game for sure. Our young trio of Knight, Drummond, and Monroe all looked good. I was impressed with Knight. Of course Toronto doesn't have PG's who actually play defense so I'm going to be anxious to see how he does when there's more pressure.

No Austin Daye, no Kravtsov, or even the 2nd rounders.... I wonder what to read into that. It really looks like the guys who played tonight are the guys who seem to be in the rotation and the coaching staff was looking to see how they would perform together. I would guess some of the other guys might see playing time the next game and a few others might see less, but I just get this feeling that's what the rotation is. If that's what it is, they should trade Daye now. Either give the kid a chance or don't hurt his stock. They could still get a little something for him. If he doesn't see the floor at all they would get nothing.

The other observation is I'm glad we didn't draft Ed Davis.
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