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Default Re: Is this a crazy perspective?

Originally Posted by Loneshot
So you will simply choose to ignore the problem of the world further crumbling due to a grossly imbalanced population because people can't get their conscience in check about right or wrong when it comes to abortion? So instead, lets just have the child be born into a family with no love, care, or the means to accommodate his/her presence. No one ask to be born despite being appreciative of life after birth, so it our responsibility as parents and society as a whole to make sure any person brought into this life has a fair chance at having a life not filled with misfortune due to the flaws of their parents. How can you or anyone not see this?
I told you, such good intentions leads to evil things. Once you start regulating who has the right to reproduce and who doesn't... Oh my god. Have you ever heard of The Prison experiment?? Have you ever seen footage from concentration camps? I mean... It's almost like it's inevitable.
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