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Default Euroleague 2012-13 Week 1

Some observations from the games I watched in full, or in part...

Lamonica is still trying rig shit. Olympiacos was playing 5 against 8 in the game against Baskonia. Olympiacos is going to be tough as hell to beat this year now that they added Perperoglou and Mavroeidis.

Olimpija was bombing 3 pointers like crazy against won't happen again, but it was fun to watch. Cantu's point guard Smith was awful. He's going to have to pick it up big time now that he's playing at Euroleague level.

Blazic is nice though.

Teodosic has almost completely lost his game these days. It's too bad because it seems like all the talk for years about his poor work ethic and partying have finally caught up with him. He's playing for the last couple years in his own world, where he plays selfish and stupid basketball.

That combined with the typical boring and predictable Messina offense isn't a great combo. Still, they beat Rytas despite playing bad, by simply being a superior team.

It was also nice to see a big crowd at a CSKA game..9,000 at a CSKA game

Malaga still sucks.....

Chalon didn't have much trouble beating an awful Prokom team.

I guess Bertomeu was not kidding when he said this summer that they were going to demand that teams play faster from now on to mimic the NBA more and Team USA more. Every single game almost was played fast.

The tempo was much faster than it was in recent years.

Now I have to watch Khimki and Fener on replay. By the box score it looked like Planinic tore McCalebb a new one. I've been wondering when teams would start going at him on defense, since he is a bad defender. Especially if they have a big guard that can post up.

It's strange because no teams ever try to make McCalebb work on defense, considering he can't really guard anyone.
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