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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

I've been checking in for the past couple of hours since RCW made his pick since I know i'll be going out soon. I already know what's gonna happen, as" soon as I head out, all 4 people ahead of me will make their picks in rapid fashion and by the time I log back in, i'll see 8 people like "oh no where's bokes! he disappeared on us! It's hard to make 5 picks in advance, it's different if it's like 2 or 3.

On a side note, wow on that trade. At worst, Monta is an early third rounder. I mean D-Rose will of course be a solid 5th round keeper for next season BUT I think as others have said he probably would've dropped a little further and probably even still be around 5 picks later for your selection. Just not a fan of Monta or something?
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