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Default Re: Lakers games only airing on Time Warner Cable.

Originally Posted by SoCalMike
So far, this is the only provider that has signed with TWC to carry TWCSportsNet...

Looks like it will go down to the wire for each and every carrier. As these companies sign up (i.e. DirecTV, ATT Universe, FiOS, Cox Communications, etc.), pay particular attention as to whether they sign up for both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD). Obviously, all of us who have big screen TV's want to watch in HD and I am told that it is possible that not all carriers will have TWCSportsNet in HD.


p.s. I have never even heard of Bright House

Not very pleased with Dish Network as they don't even appear to be making any effort to get this problem resolved. Most of my friends have Dish Network and are unwilling to change. Does this hurt laker numbers for viewing?

P.S. I hope you are back to stay. Missed ya buddy.
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