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Default Re: Looper is getting amazing reviews

Originally Posted by Myth
That... doesn't make any sense. Why did that stop him from killing her? It only delayed it. In fact, that moment didn't stop him from killing anybody. Old Joe injured Cid (Sara wasn't even in the line of fire yet), then Cid had his TK moment which Sara had him stop when they connected emotionally. Not sure how any of that stops Joe from shooting again. It is only after that moment when Sara stepped in front of the gun that would have set up the situation that created Cid as an angry mobster.

I'm honestly completely lost as to how you think that moment stopped Joe. Nobody stopped Joe until young Joe did.
Well, assuming Cid connecting with Sara was the thing that prevented him from becoming Rainmaker, then why wouldn't Joe be transported back to the future at that moment? The future was already changed by that moment.
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