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Default Re: Euroleague 2012-2013

Originally Posted by KG215
2012 - 4 players averaged 25+ PPG
2011 - 7 players averaged 25+ PPG
2010 - 6 players averaged 25+ PPG
2009 - 6 players averaged 25+ PPG
2008 - 5 players averaged 25+ PPG

But yeah, two Euroleague PGs who aren't as quick, big, or athletic as the best scoring PGs/Gs (combo-guard guys like Rose and Westbrook) who aren't scoring 25+ PPG, would come to the NBA and do it no problem.

McCalebb is every bit as quick as Rose and Westbrook, and every bit as athletic as pre injury Rose. Not Westbrook, but then come on, how many guys in NBA are?.........

Spanoulis is bigger than either of them, and while he isn't as fast as either of them, he's quicker than both of them combined, and from a purely all around athletic level (all aspects of athletic ability) - no one is more athletic than Spanoulis in basketball except LeBron.

So I'm not really sure what your point is..........

Besides, NBA is loaded with less athletic players than those two that do just fine, including point guards.

I hate to break it to you, but if you think guys like Kidd, Rubio and Andre Miller (and several others) are even remotely in the same discussion athletically with McCalebb and Spanoulis - well, then you are a crack head.

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