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Not a typical zombie film, because well… it's about vampires. But they remind me of zombies much more than any version of vampires that I've seen anywhere. These vampires are brain dead, like well…. zombies. They have a slightly higher IQ of a zombie, but no sort of human resemblance after that.

If you're into nice cinematography this has some of that. As you feel the mood and hopeless situation the characters are in. It reminds me of the 'Road' and 'Children of Men' in that sense.

Acting is good all around, and they turn what could've easily been cliched characters, plot lines and sequences into believable ones. I actually cared and rooted for the characters, which I rarely do. And this was for all of them… I didn't wanna see any of the main characters die.

And the sociopolitical theme was present and just escaped being annoying. I do think that the religious criticism was kinda hitting you too hard, but I survived. I don't like when moviemakers try to be slick in shoving their beliefs upon us. They were walking a fine line, but I let it slide (just barely).

Even tho this movie is considered a horror film, it played out more like a Drama with Horror elements. The gore is meh, the scares are weak, but it still worked as movie and solely because the other elements were good.

I must warn ya'll, that this movie moves s l o w, don't go into it expecting a Dawn of the Dead because you'll be very disappointed. There aren't many kills or action sequences either. I am disappointed that they mentioned cannibals but didn't show them.

Very solid film overall, but not for everybody.


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