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Default Re: NBA 2k13 - Quick & Easy VC

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Yes, the VC is for everything. Random outfits for the weird dancing "MyPlayer" in the main menu of the game, packs of players for the MyTeam mode, and attributes, signature skills, etc. for your player in MyCareer.

Interestingly, I've found playing exhibition games yields more VC coins than playing MyCareer itself. For a normal game in MyCareer, it seems I'm snagging anywhere between 38 and 158 VC per contest. Meanwhile, playing an exhibition game (9 minute quarters) yields 460 VC coins. So strangely, the best way to improve my MyPlayer at this point seems to be by not playing MyPlayer.

Also, agreed on the ripoff. I'll personally never be dropping any real life cash on video game coins. And quick note, be careful when looking at the "MyPlayer" jewelry. Someone told me they can only be bought with real money, so I went to inspect the item to prove the ridiculousness to my brothers. Without any sort of price given or confirmation, clicking on the watch brought about a "Purchasing" pop-up. I frantically shut the game off in distress. Thankfully, the purchase didn't take.

460 just by completing an exhibition game? Wow, seems like that might be the way to go then. I wonder if adjusting slides, nba rules affects the 460 tho. I completed the rookie showcase. Havent touched any attributes, practices or anything. Pretty much a raw myplayer at this point. Yet I have over 10,000 vc. So I can simply improve my player without having done anything. Strange indeed.
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