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Default Re: Toronto basketball media needs a good enima....

Originally Posted by RaininThrees
So you're looking for AP-produced stats tables?

Like this:


or this:

Or this:


And I'm sure the LA Times columnists certainly don't do puff pieces like "A happier Pau Gasol is ready to celebrate the new season with Lakers" (, or stories that promote the Lakers corporate product like "Lakers games become can't-watch-TV" (

Lord knows they'd never print "soft soapy crap" like "Meet Quincy Acy"... I mean, you'd never see an article like "Meet Dwight Howard, court jester" in the vaunted LA Times (

I sit corrected but also chargined...

Yes they do soft soapy pieces...

But they also dont bury it on the 4th page... I guess the LA Kings or Ducks get burried on the 4th page. Perhaps my entire discontent is also to do with the Maple Laughs populaity here.

However they have multiple columnists with very good articles. I have an actual paper - cant really scan and post here - not the online edition with the type of stuff I am talking about...
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