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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Good report Franchize, much appreciated fam.

A few things i noticed during the game......

The starters were on a clear mission to set the tone early. They were determined to be efficient and to keep the Wizards to one shot and done.

From Melo doing work in the paint and from the wing, and Felton looking cat quick driving into the paint then kicking out, they are looking like they can be very cohesive.

It sure will be great to finally have a bench.

With Novak in the floor be space properly, and he wasn't just settling for his normal spot up threes, but needs some major defensive coaching.

JR seemed to have poise throughout the majority of his time, and for the most part wasn't a knucklehead on the court.

Kidd was pretty much the same player, steady not really forcing anything, and his turnovers imo were not his fault, imo.

Out invites....yuck, but it's only one preseason game, but god they all looked terrible.

Perhaps that was because they played alot of the time together, but i hope that changes in the next few games.
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