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I've found over the years the pick-up fouling concept varies greatly from city to city, region to region, and country to country. Some people believe no fouls should ever be called, some believe the offensive player is responsible, and some believe only the defender can make the call. The concept of counting a basket taken while being fouled only further complicates matters at times.

Personally, I think fouls are necessary. As other posters have said, I think most players understand and believe pick-up games should be looser on the foul calls. However, I feel overly physical fouls that affect the game are always going to take place and will always need to be called to keep the game running at a fair and functional pace.

In my regions, fouls are fouls and the real ones never really draw issue when they're called, whether it's the offensive player making the call or the defensive. There's always shlubs who cross the line and call everything (or beat the hell out of offensive players with no intent of playing real defense) so there's always the potential for things to get weird, but for the most part, I've never had issue with folks calling fouls if they're clear, obvious, and affected their play.

Basically, I play through most random slaps and hacks and whatnot. But truly, if a defender decides their only way to stop me is to take me out or cause me to miss because they literally grabbed my arm away from the ball, I'm going to call a foul. The solution, if they're looking for a smoother running game, is not to break the rules and attempt to gain a significant advantage through an illegal play. Here, sometimes an apologetic defender will call his own foul, but more times than not, it's up to the offensive player.

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