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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
Marcus Gilbert has now injured Pouncey and Decastro by falling on them.

And Marlo, do you have any idea who the owner of WhatWouldJones-Drew? is in Auction Haus? Dude keeps sending me ridiculous offers for Andre Johnson. He's been doing it for a week now and at first I was polite about it and told him I would need someone of value for Andre but now he is just pissing me off.

Last offer he sent was Donnie Avery and Pierre Thomas for Andre and that might be the best one he sent so far.

His message to me:
HAHAHA. He sends me the same ridiculous offers for Marques Colston and Julio Jones..consider yourself lucky that he only has been doing it once a week, he's been doing it to me for a while.

He's a replacement owner, a friend of another manager. He took the auto-drafted team. I send him equally ridiculous offers as well since he started doing this, lol.
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