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Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Trout had 3 insanely good months and 2 merely "good" months. Then in a tiny sample in at the end of Sept and October he started hitting incredibly well again. Who is to say that wasn't going to continue if the season went another 2 months? But why are we working with such arbitrary end points anyways?

Also, If Trout's "slump" is a very good .257/.380/.455 line (September) then it just tells you how incredibly good he was this year. Best player in the entire league by far this season.

Trout had 1 insane month (July) when his slash line was 392/455/804. Every other month was pretty much 300/400/500, with the exception of June when he hit 372. If he hits 3xx/4xx/5xx for the rest of his career, he will obviously be great, but he won't be the insane player he is being made out to be. He's still young too, so he can obviously get better as well.
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