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Default Re: Smush Parker responds to Kobe Bryant

Originally Posted by NASH = BEST

We were all mad hating on Kobe back then, he didn't even come close to Nash votes, WTF?

I'm not saying Nash shouldn't have won but geez, wasn't this the year Kobe went APE SHYT on the league? This was the 81 point game season right?

4th place? lol

Truth is he should have gotten more votes. Looking back at it now and the media really did hate on Kobe back then. Most of them sided with Shaq. We were all wrong, lol.

Anyways, I got curious and looked Smush Parker up.

This is from wiki...

Smush should be grateful he was even able to collect a check cause of Kobe.

But here it is, where you have idiotic know nothing about basketball bandwagon Lebron fans aka Lebronytes, trying to act like Parker was some top talent guy and Kobe drove him out of the NBA by blacklisting him. Anybody who truly knows basketball already knows Smush wasn't that great of a player. People trying to say otherwise, are just ret**ded haters nobody takes seriously anyways
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