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Default Re: Week 6 Game Thread and Discussion

Originally Posted by niko
No, why have a dog. Just don't have one. Don't feed the fire. I am in no way saying i think he shouldn't have one but i wouldn't just so on game day i didn't have to answer questions about dogs. Take the easier path sometimes. VICK YOU NEED TO PREPARE FOR A TOUGH GAME, DO YOU THINK OWNING A DOG MEANS YOU MOVED ON FROM YOUR BRUTAL CRIME? SHOULD YOU OWN A DOG?

Who would want to talk about that? He's feeding the people who have an agenda.

Not a big deal. Just struck me as silly to possibly have to deal with the PETA nuts again after all he's already done.
Vick has always talked about his kids wanting a dog and how he feels that shouldn't be taken from them. Why punish his kids for a crime he already paid for?
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