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Default Re: Concerned: Are we BIG enough?

Originally Posted by crisoner
Remember we also do have Jamison at 6'9 who can also play the the four off the bench.

Look nobody will replace Lamar and his skill set and what he meant to our team during the recent back to back days. Even Lamar at this day and age can't. But remember Bynum was injured for the deep title runs.
We just need a healthy Pau and Howard. Hill will do well filling in the gaps from the bench to grab boards and make hustle plays. I love our big rotation right now. And like I said Jamison brings us a big who can spread the floor off the bench. Lakers will be fine.

Come on now......Jamison is NOT known for playing any defense.....and defense wins championships right?
Reality check: Dwight = Back Issues, Hill = Back Issues, Pau = Disappears in the take out 2 of these players off the team and what do we have left?
Pau should never be asked to backup at center unless it's against some undersized weak guy.
We can't go down this road with Sacre or some other non-NBA stiff unless there are no better options........besides that I don't want Birdman playing against us on specific teams that could cause trouble.

I do love you guys overconfidence / some ways
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