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Default Re: The Lingend is over

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
get used to it. he had a 14.9 offensive rebound rate last year (2nd in the league). wouldn't surprise me at all if he finishes top 5 in rebounding.

defense is also elite. good in the post, has great agility and quickness to pair with his instincts on help defense and is also adept at guarding the P&R well.

when he & taj were on the court together, they were rebounding/defense hounds.

as far as's always been there. the big man coach is going to have his work cut out for him on the offensive end. he has to have his shot set up and his hands aren't great. he does finish strongly at the rim though.

asik's out for blood *****

yep, dude has a hell of a motor and good instincts to go with above average quickness and athleticism. Definitely a good pick up for houston, probably better than lin.
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