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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'ASSOCIATION MODE' Discussion

Tiling, carpeting, life, and whatever...

Finally get to start my association. Going to create one that I play (Toronto) and one that I sim (Detroit). Pretty hyped.

For this Toronto one, I'm going to do a bunch of trades and build the team I want, since I'm the one who has to play with these guys. No overriding or anything, though. The Detroit association will be more realistic.

First thing I did was change the starting lineup to:
Lowry / Ross / Derozan / Bargs / Val

I want to get rid of Bargs and definitely find a way to drop Fields' contract.

Transactions and Team Movements:

Changed Derozan from SG/SF to SF/SG (up 2 overall points)
--Derozan can't shoot and the position is shooting guard, afterall. Plus I want Ross in the starting lineup and Derozan is more of a 3 between the two.

Outgoing: Andrea Bargnani, 2014 first round pick, Amir Johnson, and Aaron Gray
Incoming (from Miami): Chris Bosh, Josh Harrellson, Rashard Lewis, and a 2014 second round
--Honestly, I really don't like use Bargs in this game. Then Bosh gives me a legit #1 option and it's Bosh back in Toronto! How can you turn that down?

Outgoing: John Lucas, Rashard Lewis, 2013 second round pick, and 2014 second round pick
Incoming (from LAC): Eric Bledsoe and Ryan Hollins
--I was looking for a combo who could play backup for both positions. Bledsoe fits that well.

Outgoing: Landry Fields and Josh Harrellson
Incoming (from GSW): Brandon Rush and Festus Ezeli
--Mainly wanted to dump Fields for a 3pt shooter. That would be Rush.

Outgoing: Jose Calderon, Ryan Hollins, Linas Kleiza
Incoming (from Hou): Royce White, Omer Asik, Jon Brockman
--Asik gives me a legit starting center until I can develop Val. I had no use for Calderon with Lowry and Bledose on the team and White is a terrific prospect. Plan to use him like Lamar Odom.

Signed Jason Kapono to a 1 year, min contract
--I always like having one dead-eye 3pt shooter on the team for certain situations.

Outgoing: Demar Derozan, Jon Brockman, and Quincy Acy
Incoming (from Den): Wilson Chandler and Timofey Mozgov
--I like Chandler's contract and he's exactly what I wanted at SF. He definitely fits the role better than Derozan does, will be cheaper in the long run, and is only two years older. Had too many bigs so I traded two crappy ones for one decent one.

Outgoing: Ed Davis
Incoming (from OKC): Perry Jones, Nick Collison, 2013 second round pick
--Kept second guessing this trade. I just really wanted a project SF and Perry Jones was the only one I could afford in a trade without giving up a pick. Really wanted to keep Davis, but his role was minimized with the additions of Collison and Royce White.

Changed Perry Jones from PF/SF to SF/PF (up 1 overall)
--Like I said, I want a project SF and not have Kapono as the only back up.

Outgoing: Timofey Mozgov and Festus Ezeli
Incoming (from NOH): 2014 second round pick
--Mainly, Val was going to take every single back-up C minute there was and Moz was expiring. Chances are that I'm not going to play either of those two unless there's an injury. Might as well get a pick from them rather than have both sit on the bench until they expire.

You know, after inter scrimmaging, I feel I like I need to trade either White or Jones for a more veteran of their position. Not sure yet.

Which leads to...

Outgoing: Perry Jones and 2014 second round pick (Hornets)
Incoming (from Bos): Jason Collins and the 2013 first round pick
--I get a first rounder and I just give the pt to Rush or White

So I'm done with trading for now. The new 2012-2013 Toronto Raptors are:
PG: Kyle Lowry / Eric Bledsoe
SG: Terrence Ross / Eric Bledsoe / Brandon Rush
SF: Wilson Chandler / Brandon Rush / Jason Kapono
PF: Chris Bosh / Royce White / Nick Collison
C: Omer Asik / Jonas Valančiūnas / Nick Collison

w/ Raptors 2013 first round, Celtics 2013 first round, Thunder 2013 second round, Heat 2014 second round picks. 5.77 mil under the cap.

I feel like I created a very tall (sans the PG), versatile, and athletic roster that has a great defensive potential. I can play small ball by moving Chandler to the 4 and Bosh to the 5. I have 3pt shooters all over the place with Rush, Chandler, Kapono, Ross, and Lowry. Most of the bench can play multiple positions to cause mismatches in the second unit. I also feel I have a good balance of veteran leadership, players peaking, and future prospects. I think the set roles are already in place, too. Bosh is the clear #1, Lowry/Chandler are Robin, Asik is the D and rebounder, Bledsoe is the sixth man, and decently talented mob squad.

I had to restart my association because I didn't notice the draft class was filled with shit. I usually get two seasons out of this game mode when I play the games and I watch a lot of college basketball (more than the NBA) so I really needed some familiar names in the draft. Of course when I try to make the same trades, a few of them don't work this time so I had to override those...

Oh, and this new total sim control thing is interesting. Going to be useful when I do the sim association.

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