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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Originally Posted by ballup
In SC2, I really want to win and I like making the right moves. I'm really amateur (top of silver to bottom gold), but I did know a lot of the basics, builds, and matchup situations. When I rewatch my games, I always criticize myself such as "I should have positioned this squad over here" or "I should have expanded at this point". The stress is also from having to keep in mind of so many things such as worker count, scouting, timings, unit counters, etc.

Well, yeah actually there was point in time when all I wanted was to win, but I learned that it's wrong, the game and ladder is build the way that you will lose games no matter what, little by little I've got completely calm about it, just watching replay if after the game if wonder why something happened or if I wanted to check something. Sometimes in my head after the game I do thnk it's unfair that I've lost, but I try to shake that off as fast as I can as I know it's not a good mentality and will not give you anything beneficial.
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