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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Amazing game for preseason standards. It felt like a regular season game,at times even like a playoff game.

Both Felton and Prigioni looked great. Tyson connected on a lot of alley oops. Copeland was the player of the game,he thrived with Prigioni on the floor.
Novak had some nice moves off the dribble,his 3-pt shot wasn't falling because he took contested shots and had to release them too quickly.
Melo was Melo,he can score from anywhere.
Thompson is a bum,just like Sims and especially Shurna.
White was ok,nothing more.

Overall it was a great win. We played without half of the team (Amare,J.R.,Camby,Shumpert,Brewer and Sheed are all out) and we still beat the team that was 1 win away from winning the East last season.
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