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Default Re: Ever feel like you need a religion?

Originally Posted by miller-time
are you sure there aren't other problems you are avoiding? joining a religion just to partake in their rituals seems more like self-medicating rather than a sincere religious calling.

I don't think so. I've had these feelings for a long time now, the feeling of wanting to believe in something more than we all come from the same source (about the only belief i have in this area is that we all come from one energy source and return there and get recycled), something along the lines of a god, an example being. I like that muslims pray multiple times a day, something about it feels like it gives one purpose and structure. Of course i could create my own practices, but it feels like i live in a state of spontaneous nature or randomness. Like everything that happens only happens because it just did, not for any greater purpose. It feels hollow (which i guess is what JM was referring to).

The feeling has come and gone for years but i always ignore it because i'm spent a lot of my life opposing most religion and their ideas, so when i feel like being apart of one, it feels like i'm fighting with myself.

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