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Default Re: Training camp/pre-season!

Locke on Marvin:

If the first pre-season game gives us any indication of where things are headed the Jazz believe they have another option in the post. Newly acquired Marvin Williams brings unique size to the small forward position at 6í9 237 and a new option in the post.

In the first pre-season game, Corbin called Williams number in the post on two occasions in the first quarter. He missed a turnaround jumper and then drew a foul working to the middle the next time.

However, in the third quarter, Corbin saw Marvin matched on a smaller player and worked the3 match up hard. Klay Thompson of the Warriors, is good sized at 6í7 but against Marvin he was dwarfed. Marvin took Thompson into the left block and drew a foul. The next possession they returned and another foul on Thompson. The Warriors then switched veteran Richard Jefferson onto Marvin and he promptly drew another foul.

Most nights Marvin will have a size advantage in the post. Couple that with Marvinís surprising ability to run the floor the Jazz feel he could cause opponents some serious match-up difficulties. Many of the teams leading scorers are wing players and for years the Jazz have been unable to make those players extend energy on the defensive end.

The Hawks didnít use Williams in the post very often over the last three years nor was he particularly successful.

According to synergy sports, the Hawks only had 37 possessions last year that finished with Marvin in the post. Synergy doesnít account for any possession where he passed out of the post. From the video I watched he is a strong passer out of the post on the rare occasions they went to him there.

When the possession ended with Marvin he was not highly successful. He scored on 40.5% of those possessions, shooting just 11 of 29 and got fouled 8.1% of the time. These were only 6% of the possessions Williams had last year.

The year previous, the Hawks used Williams in the post a bit more. Again his success rate was only on ok. He finished with 72 post ups and shot 22 of 57 from the field and drawing a foul 10% of the time. Marvinís 2009-10 numbers mirror those of the two previous years.

Will Marvin be more successful in Utah then he was in Atlanta with more opportunities? Will the Jazz discover that despite the size and strength advantages that Marvin has in the post it is not the best way to use him?

This is what the regular season is for.

Another thing I didn't like with Sloan. He didn't try to take advantage of the mismatches.
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