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Default Re: Heat Appear Set With Starting Shane Battier At Power Forward

Originally Posted by TheGreatDeraj
Yea I agree with what you're saying and like the strategy for 90% of the teams in this league. However, I would be surprised if battier defends all game the bigger pf's with post games like pau gasol, zach randolph, maybe dirk, perhaps aldridge or al jefferson. kevin love might even be a tough matchup for battier with his size and rebounding ability. Josh smith might even give battier problems with his strength, speed and jumping abilty.

I think Lebron will primarily guard those guys or at least split the duty with Battier. The only way I see Battier playing those guys all game or in crunch time would be with a lot of double teaming and using wade, lebron and chalmers speed to force turnovers, but I think 1on 1 would be the way to go they'd give up too many open looks having to double all the time in my opinion. I could be wrong but that's how I see it for now
Some will laugh, but Joel will be able to do a good job vs most of the top PFs. The issue they had last season was placing him at center when he's only 6'9, even then he did a good job for the most part.

People will point out certain match ups vs elite players, but elite players can't be guarded with single coverage anyways.
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