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Default Re: Should the government cut entitlements?

Originally Posted by longhornfan1234
Which programs?

As a conservative you dont have to worry about this one, Every indication is Obama will be elected to a second term (national polls dont matter, Presidents are elected via electoral votes not popular vote. A break down of the states shows that Obama is overwhelmingly likely to win reelection.) and that he will agree to some version of the grand bargain in order to avoid sequestration.

Obama and Boehner already reached an agreement last time to raise the debt celling. The deal would have cut $4 for ever $1 of revenue increases. To quote Boehner "I got 98% of what I wanted."

The grand bargain was also based largely on the Simpson-Bowles commission that Obama appointed and recommended cutting entitlements and lowering Corporate taxes while increasing personal taxes on the rich and middle class. The only reason Obama and Boehner didnt follow through on their agreement was because the Tea Party and other extreme conservatives wouldnt allow Boehner to accept a deal that gave them 98% of what they wanted, because they wanted the other 2% as well.

The Obama administration was prepared to touch the 3rd rail of American politics and abandon core principles of the democratic party Fortunately for liberals/progressives (not democrats) Boehner is so weak he couldnt even carry his caucus, and had to pretend that he didnt want the deal after gloating that he had gotten basically everything he wanted.

Anyways the news from Washington is that responsible party leaders among the repubs have come to their senses and realize what a victory the grand bargain is for them. I believe obama will offer up the grand bargain again, and this time the repubs are going to take it.

So if you want to see cuts in entitlements don't worry its happening.
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