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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

I'm glad that there was some good moments in the Boston game I havent seen the replay of the game.

Its good for the team to start slow and see some kind of progression.

I am looking to see how the team runs set plays this preseason a little cohesion.

Next I want to see how individual talents can be a benefit to the team.

For example:
I want to see if Novak cant get his shot off what does he do with the ball. Can he put it on the floor and get another shot? Does he go to the rack or move in closer for a better shot? I know this guy just isnt going to be adequate on defense.

Will Jr continue put the team defense at risk going for every single steal?

The bench can be servicable in short limited stints and I feel kinda confident in the likes of Brewer and JR playing extended minutes if necessary. Camby I feel confident in as a player and talent he's just pronish.

Kidd, Sheed, Kurt are just crust and stiff. Pablo I will reserve my opinion until I see more of him.

Novak extremely limited player 3 pt shooter with no game.

The rest are kids with a wait and see attitude. James White who knows.
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