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Default Re: Kobe on Leadership via Facebook

in a nutshell kobe is basically saying

"i'd rather a girl hate me and think i'm good looking than love me and think i'm ugly" - george costanza

truer words have never been spoken... who cares if 1 person doesn't agree with you. who cares if it rubs some people the wrong way

as long as it positively effects you

being great at basketball and winning highly outweighs 1 or 2 guys thinking you're a jerk

and being good looking means for every 1 person that isnt into you.. theres an infinite number of other people who probably will be

if only 1 person likes your ugly a**... then what happens if that doesnt work out. then you're a bum with nothing to show for it

like smush.. hes the bum with nothing to show for his time in the nba

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