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Default Re: Heat Appear Set With Starting Shane Battier At Power Forward

Originally Posted by KingBeasley08
They beat the Pacer's without Chris Bosh and at the ref's whistles comments. I guess Lebron going 42/18/9 and Wade dropping 42/10 were refs in disguise. Love when Laker fans of all people complain about the refs

You're talking about 2 games champ where D Wade and Lebron went off. I mentioned the Indiana's inexperience contributed to their losing. Heat fans were in tears crying that Lebron had no help, Battier sucks, Miller is trash OKC is the most stacked team in the league blah blah blah, then all of a sudden act like their team steamrolled swept the playoffs just because they won a championship. Fact is that the Heat are beatable and depending on the match up there are teams that can exploit Battier or Lebron at PF. It's great to have faith in your team but lets not act like at some points during the season you guys weren't jumping ship.
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