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Default Re: Clippers vs Heat 9:30 pm PST CP3's Return

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Crawford and Hill are going to be huge additions. Odom once he gets in shape should be as well. Bledsoe, Griffin and DJ improving along with healthier CP3 and Billups makes this team a contender, not a pretender. Last year 10 new players, no time to gel, massive injury problems and still second round is nothing to play with.
So that was why you quoted my post? You believe the Clippers are contenders?

The Clippers to me at most are a second round- elimination team. Along with teams like Denver and Memphis. Unless there's injuries to teams like OKC/LA I don't see any of those teams coming out of the west.

Sorry if you felt I insulted your team. It's not like I put Utah or some homerish pick up there, those are simply the leauges elites.

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