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Default Re: Bledsoe Blocks Another Forward With Authority

Originally Posted by COnDEMnED
Then is it not your duty, as a fellow Clippers fan, to keep your crazies in line? Why would you want this guy to, on a constant basis, degrade the opinions of others about your team? (and its not only on ISH :), hes become sort of a guideline for other clippers fans to not be like on various Lakers forums. example: Hello new clippers fan posting on a random Lakers forum, are you anything like CF86? If so, dont expect to stay long. If not, enjoy your stay but dont bait or flame other posters.) Im not aware if he has this effect on other teams fans or their forums.

Hahaha ISH and all other forums are overrun by an insane volume of Lakers homers and Kobe stans yet you still are this worried about what one Clippers fan does? This is very entertaining to me. You should go into the constant 8 Lakers threads on first page alone and start practicing what you preach. Go control all the Kobe stans that are significantly worse than me.

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