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Default Re: Clippers vs Heat 9:30 pm PST CP3's Return

Originally Posted by Yung D-Will
Underrated and disrespect is not putting LAC up there with OKC/LA? And this is the first time I'm hearing someone say they're contenders actually.

Denver is simply the most complete team in the league and will be even scarier if Javal's lessons with Hakeem actually produce results on the courts. What's going to hurt them is when they have to get go to scores down the stretch of games.

You don't get it do you? Clippers are one of maybe 3-4 teams that can match Denver's depth any given night. On top of that they have two star players, one top 5 player which only maybe 5 teams in the league can say. They also advanced a little bit further in the playoffs last year with their top 5 players injured, 10 new players that had no time to practice and gel. Bottom line is the Clippers are the better team last we saw and until proven otherwise that's how it stands. Nothing warrants the Nuggets jumping 2 seeds or w/e over the Clippers.
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