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Default Re: Clippers vs Heat 9:30 pm PST CP3's Return

Jordan's offensive game has really improved in the post, simply is more confident but I want to see him work more on his post D. I'd love to sign Ben Wallace as a coach or even give him a roster spot just to work with DJ.

Bledsoe is still an excellent defender, but his offense leaves a lot to be desired. Awareness is way off the charts, in the negative way, needs work on his shooting, and is way too out of control a lot of the time. I just like the fact we have guys like Crawford, Hill and Lamar to come into the 2nd unit and handle the ball instead of Bledsoe always doing it.

I was also impressed with Barnes. Gave good defensive effort, grabs more rebounds than you'd think and doesn't force anything on offense. Butler did well to boot.
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