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Default Re: Smush Parker responds to Kobe Bryant

Originally Posted by qrich

Averaged 6.4 with the Clips in 21.5 minutes and then 5.9 in 21.1 minutes. Not to mention, more dimes as he got the ball more in his hands and less turnovers.

The 5.9 in 21.1 was his season average in '08. He also averaged 1.9 turnovers in that Clipper stint, which is pretty much even with his Laker averages despite playing in a good 10 fewer minutes.

While Parker was not starter material, he was far from one of the worst starting point guards in the league since 2000. I mean, studs like Rick Brunson and Doug Overton have had starting roles in the league.

Numbers don't tell the whole story. Was Parker the worst player in the league? No, but he wasn't much better either. Even if Brunson and Overton didn't provide as much statistically, they at least provided veteran leadership so there were at least some intangibles they brought to the team. Smush provided nothing other than an empty 10 points, which a lot of it was because of the attention Kobe commanded. Smush was also a low IQ player who made many dumb mistakes. That's why he was out of the league just a year removed from the Lakers while Brunson and Overton both lasting around a decade or more.

As far as this "feud" goes, a lot of what both are saying is stupid, but entertaining. I'd say the posts in here are much more entertaining though

Both made valid points, but both were also highly immature. I'd be equally frustrated if my best teammate after Lamar Odom was Smush Parker. Kobe leading that team to 45 wins was a miracle.
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