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Default Re: Kyrie Irving this preseason

Couple of notes...

1. Why don't we quit with the personal attacks? If you want to discuss RRR3 and what he looks like, do it in the thread where he originally posted the picture, which is undoubtedly off-topic for this forum. He and I are on opposites sides of the spectrum when it comes to sports fandom, but I fail to see the correlation between that and his looks. Stop posting that nonsense. I've cleaned up this thread... let's keep it that way. I shouldn't have to micromanage this site in such an extreme way.

2. For those saying these are Cavs/Kyrie fans posting his picture over and over... They pretty clearly are not. These are Internet rivalries bleeding over into a completely unrelated conversation.

3. I wouldn't be completely shocked if Kyrie's efficiency dropped a bit this year. I do think his overall numbers (points, assists, rebounds, steals) will go up because he should be playing more minutes and he should be more accustomed to the NBA regular season grind, but he has also made quite a name for himself in the last year and teams are going to be gunning to stop him... Not that they weren't last year, but it is even more pronounced now.

Also, this is a very young roster from top to bottom. While far more talented than last year's Cavs with a much brighter future, there aren't those steady leaders out there like Anthony Parker and Jamison to really guide the way for the young guys. Kyrie is on his own a little more this season.

And, on top of everything else, his efficiency was so good last year, it is just going to be difficult to replicate until he starts getting into his actual prime. 47/40/87 is just insane for a rookie point guard. It wouldn't exactly take an enormous slump for those numbers to drop a bit.

All of that said, I put no weight on what is happening in the preseason. He looks like he's treating these like practices, which is essentially what they are.
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